Stacy Guerin

Stacey Guerin likes her government small when it's helping her constituents, but big when it's helping her.

Did you know for every dollar a man earns in Maine, a woman earns 82 cents? That’s a $9,000 annual difference. That might not be a lot of money for Stacey, but that’s a lot of money for the women of Maine.

Just think about what you could do with an extra $9,000 a year. We’ll wait…

Sorry, you can’t pay those bills/go on that vacation/eat $9,000 worth of lobster rolls/buy pearls like Stacey. Stacey Guerin thinks it’s OK for women to get paid less than men. She didn’t just vote against the Equal Rights Amendment, she said , “As a woman, I stand opposed to the pending motion and I joyfully celebrate the laws that are already in place to protect my rights.”

But here’s the thing: Stacey is fine using the government to pad her own pockets. She and her husband are co-owners of a company that sells food services equipment to 22 Maine governmental agencies . New meat slicer for Maine State Prison? Cha-ching!A new salad bar at the Eastern Maine Medical Center? Double Cha-ching! That’s the sound of taxpayer-funded pearl earrings.

Now these aren’t just any kind of government contract. These are no-bidgovernment contracts. How do we know that? Because Maine requires legislators to disclose all of their bids on state contracts - there aren’t very many of these disclosures but none of them are from Stacey Guerin. Now we’d never presume that Stacey Guerin has forgotten to file these important forms every year. The only explanation we’re left with is that she didn’t need to file them because she didn’t need to bid.

And get this: Stacey sits on the Board of the Foundation for Government Accountability. So Stacey Guerin better not overcharge Maine taxpayers with her no-bid contracts, or else she’ll get an angry call from…Stacey Guerin. Now that’s efficiency in government if by efficiency you mean a giant conflict of interest.

Stacey was too busy pushing women under the bus and joyfully celebrating her checks from the state to bother registering Her campaign, meanwhile, was busy buying candy this week. So, we joyfully took care of that URL for her. Read the key details on Stacey’s financial conflicts of interest here and get informed. Whatever you decide—make the commitment now to vote on November 6th.

· Make a plan.

· Where do you need to go to vote?

· When are you going to vote?

· What's your backup plan in case the line turns out to be longer than you expected?

· What do you need to bring with you as far as ID?

The 10th District deserves a leader who cares about people, not her personal bank account.